Hi! My name is Jamie, I'm a Leo, I like cinnamon rolls and pizza, and I make art. I find inspiration in daily life, fashion, music, and video games. I like to work in various mediums, from traditional to digital. The most exciting thing for me is conceptualizing characters, and I especially love creating a color story to bring them to life. My work is often described as beautiful and eerie.

10 Fun Facts about me:

  1. I enjoy drawing with pens more than pencils
  2. あたしは日本語を話します。(I speak Japanese)
  3. I have two cats: Jojo (Jonas Joestar) and Genji
  4. I have competed in DDR competitions in the 90s
  5. I studied animation before switching to fine arts
  6. I love cars! I have gone to a few drift events too
  7. I can sew, make clothing, and design costumes
  8. My favorite movie is Hackers... or the 5th Element
  9. I have a platinum trophy for Mortal Kombat X
  10. I love Godzilla & I took a selfie with him in Japan